Master Class A: Retail Price


What’s Inside?

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Profit Calculator

Wanna see what you should sell your hair for to make profit? Enter the percentage you want to make in the box below. For example, you can enter 60, 600, 6000, or whatever percent you choose. The possibilities are endless.


• The wave in the hair is produced with a steam process, not chemical
• All hair is unprocessed, virgin human hair
• Can be bleached or colored
• Hair is tangle-free
• Brazilian Hair is a multi-donor 7A Grade Hair
• Indian Hair is a single donor 9A Grade Hair
• Peruvian Hair is a two to three donor 8A Grade Hair
• All Wefts are double sewn which prevents shedding
• All hair washed 10 times in manufacturing so there is no bad smell
• Hair Bosses will make their money back and should profit between $4,000-$9,000
Shipping: Hair should be received within 10 business days.


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