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Weekly $1k Hair Give-A-Way Contest

By ordering your free sample of Brazilian Hair, you have been invited to our Weekly Facebook Live $1,000 Hair Give-A-Way Contest.

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Every year, black women spend $56 Billion Dollars on hair extensions. Yet black people are not the ones receiving the profit. Register for our webinar to learn how you can make money every time your friends, family members, co-workers, church members and others purchase hair extensions.

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On this webinar, you will learn the how to make money from customers you already have and how to turn 1 customer into 4. We will show you how you can make money every single month selling hair to women you already know, and women they already know. If you have friends, family members, church members, classmates, sorority sisters and/or co-workers that wear hair extensions, you need to be on this webinar.

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What Hair Bosses Are Saying…

I needed a 2nd income to cover my expenses. However, I didn’t have time for a 2nd job. Being a Hair Boss gave me exactly what I needed to make a lot of money without giving a lot of time.

~Danielle Washington

Every woman I know wear hair weave. Selling better hair at a lower price to them was a simple choice. Being a Hair Boss allow me to make extra money every single month.

~Taylen Jackson

My friends love buying hair at such a low price. Their friends like buying hair from me to. Being a Hair Boss rocks because I can make extra money anytime I want to.

~Virgie Holiday


P.s., You get a LifeTime Discount on all hair purchases just for viewing the webinar!

BLACK FRIDAY IS HERE! All pricing has been updated.

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