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We understand that without you, we don’t exist. This is why we share 20-30% of the revenue back with our members. This is a group effort. And for this reason HairShipment is not just my company, but our company!

~ Chase Harris, Founder

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Frequently Asked Questions

Refer up to 500 people in any month

Receive a 20% commission on everything they purchase.

Refer 501-1000 people in any month

Receive a 25% commission on everything they purchase.

Refer 1001 people or more in any month

Receive a 30% commission on everything they purchase.

We pay out commissions exclusively through PayPal . You must have a valid PayPal account and PayPal email address.

No, you can refer an unlimited amount of people.

Commissions are paid on the last day of each month.

Unpaid referrals get automatically rejected when the originating purchase is refunded or revoked. If your referral remains a member after the first 30 days, then you will receive your commission. If they cancel withing the first 30 days, you will not receive a commission.

When someone initially goes to your referral url, a 30 day cookie will be activated. This means as long as they purchase the membership within 30 days on the device they went to your referral url on, you will be credited with a commission.